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Artero Cosmetics Professional Protein Vital Conditioner 3.46oz

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Conditioner that instantly recovers softness and brightness of the hair punished. Perfect for all types of coat color. Get a lasting and protection in greater depth than the majority of conditioners. Facilitates the hairstyle while avoiding the entanglements or breaks. Removes static electricity of the hair.

It contains among other ingredients provitamin B5, proteins of silk and extract of oats that they repaired the damaged hair in depth and give you brightness, hydration and softness.

It can be used as a conditioner, mask or serum and does not need to be clarified.

The frequent washes we subject our pets to, to remove dirt and odors, have a toll on their skin. This causes the skin to lose its normal fat protection and the hair becomes rough, dull and brittle. So it is recommended to not wash your dog very frequently, and instead use moisturizing lotions or products designed especially for pets.