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Artero Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush (Limited quantity)

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  • Non-articulated short pin (9mm) self-cleaning slicker, with slightly convex head and plastic body.



    This slicker is easy to clean thanks to a mechanism that releases the stuck hair between the pins. It's activated with a button behind the head.

    Tilting head to optimize the brush by adapting to the pet's body shaoe.


     Ref : 

    P317 : Self Cleaning Slicker Brush [10cm * 7cm]

  • For cleaning, use only the brush and the mineral oil that is included, do not use any other type of oil or lubricant. 
  • Tilt the machine to use only one of the blades in more delicate areas and contours.
  • Use double head for general areas.

Extends the life of the machine

  • Once the machine is clean of hair, it must be stored protected to avoid damage.
  • Mineral oil: apply 2 drops at the end of use between the teeth of the blade with the machine running and looking down at the teeth of the blade.

Ref: M649