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Artero Slalom Curvy 45T 6.5" Thinner (20%)

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Slalom Curvy 45-Teeth Thinning Scissors.


  • 45 teeth
  • 20% thinning
  • Symmetric handle
  • Removable finger rest
  • Steel type: 440C
  • 'V' shaped teeth
  • Concave Blades
  • Steel Hardness HRC +/-1: 60HRC

    What to consider when buying a thinning scissor:

    This scissor is composed of one straight razor-blade edge while the other blade has many fine teeth.

    This scissor is used for thinning, blending, transitions and reducing volume.

    These scissor should be used to create smooth, blended transitions between different types of work. For example, between clipper work, hand-stripping and scissor work. 

    Available Size: 6.5" [T48165]