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Cattyman® - Ice Pop With Milk Flavor



  • Feed intake according to cat size ,eating conditions,stool condition and constitutin to make proper adjustment 
  • Don’t feed kitten for less than 2 month 
  • According to the cat;s eating habits and personalilty feeding , please be careful not to choke
  • The product is not allowed to feed ruminants
  • Pleases Squeeze the cream carefully into the groove of the feeding stick to aviod dripping or splahing
  • Feeding sticker can be coated with about 8grams of cream and don’t let your pet bit the stick 
  • Don’t disinfect the feeding stick with boiling water and don’t tounch bleach ,alcohol ,thinner,gasoline ,etc.
  • Avoid direct sunlight ,store at room temperature below 25’c
  • Keep inrefrigerator after opening and feed as early as possible


Milk Power, Oligosaccharide,Potassium Sorbate ,Carrageenan , Glucosamine ,Chondroitin Sulfate Monascus color,Taurine ,Vitamin E

Guarantted Analysis 

Crude Protein Min 2.5% , Crude Fat Min 2.0% , Crude Firbe Max 1.0% , Crude Ash Max 4.0% , Moisture Max 92.0%

Feeding Guide

Size                Daily Amount

Kitten                   1pc

Adult Cat            1-2pc