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CattyMan Chicken Flavored Ice Pop 70g x 2

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  • Only for pets
  • Adjust feeding amount according to breeds, different weight and health condition.
  • Do not feed pets younger than 2 months of age.
  • Feed the pets with proper size according to their habit and character to avoid dysphagia.
  • The deoxidizer is non-edible.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, store at room temperature below 25°C.
  • Keep in refrigerator after opening and feed as early as possible.
  • Shelf life 24 months.
  • Expiration date see the seal.
Making method:
  • Squeeze the cream into the ice tray. Please squeeze slowly to avoid mixing with air
  • Set the stick
  • Put it into the freezer and freeze it completely
  • Pull out the stick vertically and feed the cat (if immerse the bottom in warm water, it will be easier to pull out the ice top.
Feeding method:
Size Daily Amount
Kitten 1pcs
Adult cat 1-2pcs