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CattyMan Fine Teeth Comb for Cat (CC-74)

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Cathy Man 's Cathy Salon Carinya Comb Namena" is a comb (for cats) that can firmly remove hair loss and combing. The peculiar S-shaped pin is rich in elasticity, it combines stickiness, and it can be combed firmly. The pin is made of polycarbonate, it has flexibility different from metal and wooden. Fine and fine eye pin firmly combing to the ground. Easy to clean hair is collected at the tip of the pin. In a shape with a cat's silhouette as a motif, we arranged a rubber grip at required points, and also stuck to ease of use and ease of use.

Caring for cats

How to use
Please carefully read the "How to use" package and use it.

Please note
  • Protect the application and object.
  • Do not strongly press on the skin of the pet or scrape roughly as it causes inflammation. Especially, pets with skin inflammation, coat of allergic constitution and pet of weak skin, softly comb.
  • The pin is thin. Do not leave it on the floor, chair, etc as it pierces human's skin. Also, pay attention to storage.
  • Do not apply strong force because the pin may be damaged.
  • Keep it away from infants and pets.

Product Specifications
  • Size: 6.2 x 13 x 2.6 cm
  • Material: Body: ABS resin, synthetic rubber / pin: polycarbonate
  • Heat resistant temperature: 80 degrees
  • Cooling tolerance temperature: -20 degrees

Country of origin