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CattyMan Slicker Brush for Cat (CC-78)

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Brush that can firmly remove hair loss with a touch that is friendly to the hair
  • A unique S - shaped pin is rich in elasticity, gentleness It combines stickiness and you can brush firmly.
  • Because nylon pins are planted in rubber cushions, they are rich in repulsive power and elasticity.
  • Numerous pins curved into S shape, scoop off the hair loss by loosening the coat.
  • By using rubber cushion on the pedestal, the skin is soft and soft, and it is easy to use even for cokers who are not good at slickers.
  • Antibacterial processing
  • Because it is rubber grip, easy to hold!
  • Including cleaning cushion
  • Commitment function and design. It is a care series dedicated to cats, Carinha.

Raw material of slicker CC-75:
ABS resin, synthetic rubber, nylon