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North Paw - Atlantic Seafood With Lobster Grain Free Cat Dry Food (2 Sizes)

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Give your cats a taste of the East Coast with our delicious, nutritious North Paw Atlantic Seafood with Lobster formula. Highly digestible, 100% grain-free and nutrient-dense, it's perfect for cats of all life stages. Our diet includes high amounts of pre-biotics, omega 3’s, protein and fibre to ensure your furry feline is healthy and happy.


  • Comes in a 2.25kg bag
  • 100% grain-free with high amounts of pre-biotics & omega oils
  • Ingredients are finely ground to ensure denser pellets with maximum absorption capability
  • The packaging utilizes a unique Freshness Valve system which protects the food from air & light, effectively keeping food fresh
  • High protein for lean body mass and muscle tone
  • No artificial color, flavors or preservatives
  • Suitable for all cat breeds