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Dog Cooling Molar Stick Yellow/Green


【Multifunctional】 Multi-functions such as cooling and quenching thirst, grinding and cleaning teeth, improving intelligence, and relieve anxieties.

【Cooling & Thirst Quenching】 Fill with water and refrigerate in freezer for cooling ice popsicle.

【Molar Teeth Cleaning】 Simulate bone and zigzag grinding design for molar/incisors/teeth cleaning to remove scum/dirt/dental calculus effectively, and improve oral health.

【Safe & Resistant】 Made of edible chew-resistant TPR material that resist prolonged bites.

【Float on Water】 Can be used while bathing or swimming.

【Easy to Use】 Can be smeared with toothpaste or food attractant.

Suitable for dogs of all size and age.

Recommended to use daily and not more than 30 minutes a day.