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Fussie Cat RED LABEL Tuna in Aspic 80g X24


Fussie Cat Red Label Tuna formula provides tempting taste for your feline friend using only 100% human-grade tuna fish with more protein content and pleasing texture. This grain-free meal is low in saturated fat, rich in DHA that helps support healthy vision and brain development.




Feed up to twice the adult amount daily.

Adult Cats

Feed one can per 4 pounds of body weight.

Pregnant Cats

Feed 1.25 cans daily per 4 pounds of body weight.

Lactating Cats

Feed 3 cans daily per 4 pounds of body weight.

*The amount of food your cat needs to be nourished daily depends on their activity levels and their stage of life. Generally, the more active they are (like adventurous outdoor cats) the more they’ll need to eat. Please consult your veterinarian for the best feeding regimen for your cat.