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Kit Cat® Pine Cat Litter - Activated Charcoal 20lb

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Kit Cat Activated Charcoal Pine Cat Litter is made with a combination of charcoal blended with pine wood.
This cat litter is formulated to improve and maximise odour control with the addition of activated charcoal. 

While most odour control litter only masks the scents, Activated Charcoal quickly absorbs unpleasant scents and eliminates them permanently.
A clean and natural smell from the pine wood helps to further mask the odours in the litter pans to segregate breakdowns. 

This cat litter had the capacity to absorb three times of its weight in water and with activated charcoal, its odour control is three times stronger than normal pine wood.
100% biodegradable, this cat litter is also easy to dispose unlike other clumping litters. 

Ingredients: Pine Wood, Charcoal. 

Step 1. Fill litter box with approximately 2-3 inches of Kit Cat Activated Charcoal Pine Cat Litter.
Step 2. Kit Cat cat litter is designed to form a clump around liquid water instantly. Scoop up and dispose of clumps and solids daily.
Step 3. It is advisable to empty and clean entire litter box every month and dispose of contents in the bin.