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Kit Cat® Pine Cat Litter - Natural Wood (3 Sizes)

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Kit Cat Natural Pine Cat Litter is made up of 100% pine wood, manufactured from pine shavings. 
The pine shavings are clean and dried to improve its purity and absorbency.
They are then compressed into pellets for ease of use and convenience. 

Kit Cat Natural Pine Cat Litter has the capacity to absorb three times its weight in water.
This absorption capacity is the key ingredient in controlling odour in the litter pan, providing longer product use.
The Natural Pine Cat Litter has a clean, natural smell that helps to further mask the odours associated with litter pans. 

Kit Cat Natural Pine Cat Litter is available in 20lb (9kg) and 40lb (18kg). 

Step 1. Fill litter box with approximately 2-3 inches of Kit Cat Natural Pine Cat Litter.
Step 2. Kit Cat cat litter is designed to form a clump around liquid water instantly. Scoop up and dispose of clumps and solids daily.
Step 3. It is advisable to empty and clean entire litter box every month and dispose of contents in the bin.