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Kit Cat® - Organic Bamboo Clump Cat Litter for (Long Hair) - (2 Sizes)

Kit Cat Organic BambooClump cat litter is an environmental and earth-friendly cat litter made from naturally organically-grown bamboo.
The biodegradable bamboo fibre absorbs moisture up to three times more than traditional clay litters and clumps instantly upon contacting fluid. 

BambooClump's fast absorption rate protects your cat and his litter from toxic ammonia and urine odours, and is thus highly recommended by our veterinarian.
Kit Cat Organic bambooClump is soft and gentle on your feline's paws and also boasts antibacterial properties, which perfect for cats with sensitive skin. It is light and makes for easy sifting and also results in minimal tracking. 

Suitable for long haired cats, Kit Cat Organic BambooClump comes in two sizes - 3 kg and 11 kg. 

Ingredients: 100% natural organic bamboo. 

Step One: Fill your litter pan with a minimum depth of 5 cm (2 inches) of BambooClump.
Step Two: The portion used by pets, absorbs urine and clumps instantly, trapping odour as well.
Step Three: Remove the clumped portion and replenish with the same amount.
Step Four: Flushed down clump portion into the toilet or used as fertilizer.