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Kit Cat® Zeolite Charcoal - Fragrance Free Cat Litter 4kg

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Kit Cat Zeolite Charcoal features a range of 100% super premium natural clumping cat litter. Zeolite Charcoal contains a mixture of charcoal fine sand and Zeolite irregular sand. 

The two powerful ingredients, activated charcoal and Zeolite, works together to eliminate and control odours naturally rather than masking it. It provides up to four times longer lasting odour control. 

This cat litter is proven to clumps in only three seconds and absorbs moisture instantly, leaving the rest of the litter clean and perfectly dry. 

Fragrance Free is specially formulated with a specialised blend of natural scents that have been shown to attract cats back to their litter pans. There is no fragrance added however, making it suitable for households with sensitive noses. 

Zeolite Charcoal is non-toxic and safe, as it is made using 100% natural sodium bentonite, contains no chemical additives and is non-toxic for kittens, cats and humans. This cat litter is also virtually dust-free and doesn't create a cloud each time you open and pour the litter into the litter pan.