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Marukan Cat Friend Tower - XL

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Marukan Cat Friend Tower (LL) is a multi-level, high rise cat tower that will meet all your cat's needs. 

The cat tower features several vertical scratching poles on the first, third and fifth levels. 

It also has multiple resting platforms throughout the different levels of the tower, great for your cat to pick a different napping spot every time. 

A hiding den on the ground floor gives your cat more privacy during his beauty nap and a peeking hole for him to ascend to the second level. 

This cat tower comes with a dangling ball toy for your cat to bat and bop and train his hunting skills. 

This one-of-a-kind cat tower even comes with an extension for you to connect the cat tower all the way to the ceiling, allowing it to incorporate onto your decor and making it sturdier. 

It is also easy to assemble and very durable, ideal for multi-cat households or cats that like to prance and jump.