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Marukan LAB Fruits Milk Sherbet for Dogs 16g x 20pc

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Marukan supplement jelly fruits milk sherbet with three flavors, strawberry, melon, and banana milk mixed with 8 billion nano-type lactic acid bacteria nEF in 1 cup. A dog's tasty snack contains ten types of multi-vitamins, oligosaccharides, collagen, and soybean peptide. Good for snacks after walking and playing. Suitable for overweight dogs. Perfect low-calorie treats.

  • Hydrates dogs
  • Good for tummy
  • Vitamins
  • Nutrition 
  • Antioxidants

Ingredients: melon, banana, and strawberry milk flavor, Sugar (glucose-fructose liquid sugar, oligosaccharide), skim milk powder, apple juice concentrate, collagen peptide, soybean peptide, lactic acid bacteria, thickening Stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide), acidulant, flavor, vitamins (VC, VE, niacin, Ca pantothenate, V.B1, V.B6, V.B2, V.A, folic acid, V D, V.B12), coloring (yellow 4, red 102, blue 1) 

Product analysis: (per 100g) Crude protein: 0.2% or more, crude fat: 0.01% or more, Crude fiber: 10% or less, Crude ash: 70% below, Moisture: 93.0% or less, Calories: about 41kcal,

Quantity: 16g x 20 pieces

Target animals: All dog breeds