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Marukan Puff Snack with Cheese for Hamster 25g


Marukan Puff Snack with Cheese for Hamster is a rice ball-style snack with acute eating gestures. The texture is crispy and pleasing to hamsters.

  • Crispy
  • Cheese flavour
  • Delicious

Ingredients:  Wheat flour, rice flour, palm oil, soyabean oil, cornstarches, sugar, cheese, cheese flavour, yellow 4, yellow 5, Vitamin E

Product analysis: Protein 3.7% or more, fats 15.9% or more, fiber 1.2% or less, crude ash 0.0% below, moisture 18.1% and below, calories 543kcal

Capacity: 25g

Suitable for: Small animals such as hamsters

Barcode: 4906456551515

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