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Optimus Pet - Revolutionary Tablet Pet Supplement (3 Sizes)

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Optimus Pet contains 100% pure microalgae, a high-end wholesome vegetable source. It’s not a drug, medicinal herb, nor a synthetic isolated pill. This Premium Superfood, whether for normal maintenance or during medication & surgery (before, during & after), Optimus Pet is ideal for boosting immunity and improving general health for all animals at any stage of their lives – for omnivores, herbivores or carnivores!

Although Optimus Pet is a pure high-end plant source, it has high levels of nano proteins (4-8microns in size) with NO cholesterol that allow your pets to digest and absorb 300-400% more efficiently than meat as it is single-celled micro plant food.

The micro-nourishment from Optimus Pet promotes longevity in your pets by protecting, restoring and thriving! The Gene Activators ensure your pets have an optimal immune system, promoting rapid cell repair and regeneration, boosting nutrient absorption and restoring your pets to its original state of health!

Key Benefits:
–  100% Natural, Organic, Plant based Superfood
–  Strengthens immunity system
–  Reduces inflammation
–  Improves skin & coat
–  Improves strength & agility
–  Gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free; no artificial fillers, preservatives, antibiotics or steroids
–  Suitable for all animals (e.g. Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds) and life stages


Feeding Instructions:


Puppies/Baby Animals - 5/10 tbs 1 hr before or with all 3 meals (subsequent increment to 20 tbs per meal)

Adult Animals - 10/20 tbs 1 hr before or with all 3 meals (subsequent increment to 30/40 tbs per meal)

Unlike isolated vitamins, there is no real fixed dosage for vegetable source food like Optimus Pet. You gradually increase serving size according to your pet's comfort level.

* Consume within 3 months of unsealing*
* Store In Dry Cool Place or Refrigerate* 

Country Of Origin:  Made In Taiwan.