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Sleepypod® Mini Dark Chocolate

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The versatile Sleepypod Mini cat carrier is the result of innovative design, dedication to style and the love that designer Melony Lee has for her cat Rawl Rawl. Born out of a desire to take her beloved cat away with her when travelling Melony has created a lightweight carrier that also converts into a stylish and plush bed.

Available in a range of colours with a strong focus on detail this range of carriers is perfect for anyone who hates leaving their cat behind. From an adventurous sailing trip, to a weekend away in the country, the Sleepypod Mini carrier can be strapped into your car or boat to provide a secure and comfortable place for your cat to rest and travel in.

To clean: wipe exterior with a damp cloth. Ultra plush bedding can be removed and machine washed, foam bedding insert much be cleaned with a damp cloth. Pet fur can be vacuumed


  • Carrier weighs 1.5kg - Dia:33cm / H:28cm
  • Recommended for pets up to 3kg
  • Removable mesh dome reveals an everyday pet bed
  • Seatbelt straps allow Sleepypod Mini to be safely secured in a car seat
  • Secure and durable mesh dome with easy access from the dome top or when the dome is removed to reveal the bed
  • Removable, Ultra Plush bedding is machine-washable
  • Easy clean exterior is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort padding
  • Padded carry handle and ergonomic zipper pulls