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Tu Meke Friend Air-Dried Cat Snack Gourmet Venison 120g


*100% Pure New Zealand Grown Ingredients

*Authentic New Zealand Raised Venison

*Gourmet Venison


Free Range-Raised on natural pasture farms

No Additives-Natural ingredients with no surprises

No Preservatives-Made to last without any chemical help

No Processing Aids-Everythings in here is made for eating

Low Fat-Quality lean meat to keep your pet fit

Low Carbs-Your pet is made for protein, not crabs

Grain Free-Only what your pet was born to eat

Fresh Range Venison-Protein rich and great for gut health

Free Range Beef-Lean protein rich in vitamin B and iron

Beef Liver-Rich in protein, vitamin A and iron

High Protein-Packed with protein for healthy pets

Green Lip Mussel-Natural anti-inflammatory can healthy joint, skin and coat support.

Your cat will love this lean, tasty snack. With delicious free-range venison and green lip mussel for healthy skin, a glossy coat, improved digestion and joint mobility. Also decreases food allergies.


Made in New Zealand