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Wellness Dog Small Breed Petite Entrees Casserole - Roasted Turkey, Duck, Carrots & Peas 3oz

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Small Breed Petite Entrees Casserole
Roasted Lamb, Peas & White Sweet Potatoes

Petite Entrees were created just for Small Breed dogs - delicious taste, exciting textures and daily variety. Each unique preparation features mouthwatering cuts of meat and wholesome vegetables in delicious sauces. We don't use meat by-products, fillers, or wheat as a binder because we believe best friends deserve the best. A tasty and healthy way to serve a little extra love to your little friend.

Key Ingredients
We make every mealtime count by using high quality ingredients to help your pet live a long and healthy life. View full ingredient list.

Excellent source of high quality protein

Excellent source of protein & fiber

Chicken Liver
Rich Source of Vitamins A, D and virtually all B-Vitamins