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Sunrise Tiny Veggie's Biscuit Wrapped with Chicken Fillet 50g


Sunrise Tiny veggie's biscuit wrapped with a chicken fillet is a small, cute biscuit containing vitamins and vegetables wrapped around the dog's favourite fillet. The size makes it easy for dogs with small mouths to eat. Let's take a picture that shines with a small and cute snack.

Ingredients: Meat (chicken fillet, etc.), grains (wheat flour, etc.), sugars, starches, vegetables (carrots, spinach, etc.), oils and fats, milk (skimmed milk powder), thickener (glycerin), swelling agent, fragrance, Preservative (sodium dehydrogenate), antioxidant (vitamin E

Product analysis: Protein: 13.0% or more, Lipid: 2.5% or more, Crude fibre: 2.0% or less, Ash: 3.0% or less, Moisture: 20.0% or less, 325kcal (per 100g)