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5% Cashback with FavePay at Cats Garage

FavePay is now available as a payment method on our online store! For every purchase, get a 5% cashback which can be used on your next purchase!

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How to use FavePay payment on our online store?

  1. Checkout on our online store and choose "FavePay" as the payment method.
  2. Open the Fave app on your smartphone. You can download the app via your mobile phone app store.
  3. Search for "Cats Garage" and press the green "Pay" button.
  4. Input the correct amount reflected in your order and press continue.
  5. Complete the order on our online store.


Once completed, please WhatsApp message to +65 9190 0043 with the screenshot of the transaction and inform us of your order number.

Our team will only process your order after the verification of the complete payment.

FavePay Refund Policy

For FavePay payment refund, Cats Garage will send a refund request to Fave. Depending on the type of payment you have used via FavePay, the refund process can be different.

For more information on FavePay refund policy, please go to the FavePay app under "Me" in the FAQ.

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