CIAO® Cat Food is a popular brand under the Japanese company Inaba Pet Food, which have had more than a century of experience. 

In the 1830s, Inaba Pet Food was founded in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, focusing on the production of dried skipjacks and selling and exporting mandarin oranges to Canada. One of their revolutionary innovations was the Inaba light tuna which uses mainly yellowfins – this breed could be fished at a similar consistent rate as skipjacks but were not as widely used at that point of time. This changed the canned tuna industry for Japan as yellowfin was never considered to be used as a marine resource till then.

Thereafter, in 1958, Inaba Pet Food expanded into manufacturing pet foods and became one of the earliest companies to produce wet foods. CIAO cat food was then created as a local premium cat food brand in Japan that has gained widespread trust and great reviews from their loyal customers. Inaba Pet Food has since owned a factory in China and expanded into the global market rapidly.