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AniMedx SeboFIX Medicated Shampoo Anti-fungal (2 Sizes)

Keeping pet dog and cat clean is important in order to protect them from bacterial and fungal infections, and to improve the overall health of our animals. Animedx SeboFIX Medicated Shampoo is formulated with antifungal, bactericide and ceremides. Ceramides reintroduce lipids onto the skin which functions as a skin barrier: retaining the “good things” like moisture and lipids, and expelling the “bad things”, like potential allergens and other pathogens.

Animedx SeboFIX Medicated Shampoo offers a safe way to keep pets clean and free from bacterial and fungal infections. With their quality of life improved, both the pet parent and the pets will be happier.

Key Features

  • Eliminates Fungus and Bacteria
  • Relieves itchy and irritated skin rapidly
  • Ceramides restores dry and flaky skin by reintroducing moisture and lipids
  • Ceramides enhances the skin and fur condition
  • Fragrance of lavender and lemongrass oils to reduce body odours caused by the bacteria and fungus
  • Made in U.S.A