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Bow Wow Fish Jerky Cat Treat 20g

Bow Wow Korea is the No. 1 pet food company in Korea which takes pride in supplying healthy food for our pet companions. Being the leader of pet food manufacturing since their establishment in the year 2000, their products have excellent nutritional formulations to ensure the maximisation of our pet’s health, growth and performance. Based on their firm principle to produce safe and healthy pet food, they devote their research and development technologies to assure the world’s best quality in gourmet pet food selections.

Feeding Suggestions
Serve as treats or snacks.
3 to 4 pieces daily
(Depending on cat breed, life-stage, health, quantity of feces and season)

Suitable For
Cats ONLY.

Avoid storing the product at humid places or under direct sunlight. Keep the product in a cool and dry place after opening. Do not refrigerate.

Occasionally, there could be white or black spots on the surface of product but it is from raw materials from the ingredients, so you can feed safely.