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Canines' Language Pee Sheet 50pcs X6

Canines' Language Pee Sheet absorb and turns urine into gel very quickly to prevent spills and maintaining a dry surface to prevent tracking. Water proof PE film at the bottom layer prevents leakage and staining to your floor.

Advantages of using Canines' Language Pee Sheet:
  • Comfortable for the dogs
  • Convenient and easy clean up
  • Convenient for puppy training
  • A good option for dog who can't go outside due to health issues
  • A good option for people who work long hours such that their dog can't be expected to hold and wait to go outside
Canines' Language Pee Sheet do have other uses such as:
  • Placing under the snack bowl to contain spillage during feeding hours
  • Serve as a protection layer to your sofa or carpet
  • When driving your dog out, it can even serve as a protector to your cat seat
  • Placing a piece of pee aheet at the bottom of the pet carrier can absorb the urine and prevent your dog from getting wet


450mm x 600mm