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Catit Cat Litter Scentless Beads 8lbs



Catit Scentless Cat Litter Beads eliminates nasty litter box odors. It contains millions of micro pores, which lock-in undesirable odors and keep your house odor-free. Catit Scentless Cat Litter Beads are low maintenance. There is no need to scoop out urine clumps ever again since Scentless does not clump.

  • Eliminates nasty litter box odors.
  • Less dust.
  • Odor absorbing.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • Environmentally friendly.

*Safe for pregnant cats and kittens.

The moisture from feces and urine is absorbed by the beads and then evaporates. It also produces less dust than traditional clay litters. Catit Scentless Cat Litter Beads is chemical free and safe, even if accidentally ingested by your pet. In addition, due to the shape and texture of Scentless, the beads are less likely to stick to your cat's paws when leaving its litter pan.

DISPOSAL INSTRUCTION: Do not flush down the toilet bowl, dispose with regular household garbage.

Usage Guidelines:
Pour a generous amount of cat litter box.  Remove stained, dirty beads and refill as necessary.