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CattyMan Playful Cat Selfie Stick with Smartphone Holder

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This marvelous invention will make capturing your cat's photos easy for you! With CattyMan Playful Cat Selfie Stick with Smartphone Holder, you can now capture purrfect pictures of your cat with your phone while attracting them to look towards the camera by controlling the cat toy attached to the selfie stick at the same time with one hand. You can operate the screen freely with your other free hand, so you don't miss a single cute moment! Our cat selfie stick comes with a teaser to ensure your cat is looking at the camera, ready for a great picture to be captured, and you can switch it out and attach your own teasers. You can control the teaser attached to the selfie stick with the button on the selfie stick that works like a game controller that allows you to move the teaser with one thumb. Our selfie stick is compatible with most devices, including iPhones and Androids.

Materials: Body: ABS Resin, Synthetic Rubber. Smartphone Holder: ABS Resin,
Silica Gel, Steel. Cat Stick: PVC, SUS201, Polyester, PET