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DoggyMan Rawhide-Free Dog Chew with Chicken Flavor 3pc

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A friendly gum chicken taste M size 3" is a snack gum with a balanced addition of vitamins and minerals, based on vegetable ingredients. Delicious, chewy snack gum blended with plenty of delicious chicken meat powder. Reduce bad breath by dropping dental plaque by biting many times. I will train teeth and gums. Each time you chew, moderate stickiness is born, chewy, mouthfeel becomes better, and it continues to chew for a long time. It is convenient when you want to eat snack slowly over time, such as visitors, going out.

How to use
Approximate 1 to several times a day referring to salary amount and give it as a snack.
Estimated salary amount per day
  • Medium size adult dog (11-23 kg): 1-2
  • Large adult dog (23-40 kg): 2-3
Energy: 350 kcal / 100 g

Please note:
  • Please observe the application as a pet food.
  • Please save in infants and children, in places where pets do not touch.
  • Please refer to the statement shown, please do not eat too much pet.
  • When a child gives it to a pet, please be adults for safety.
  • Please give it in a calm environment so that pets do not get excited.
  • When your pet's physical condition gets worse, please consult your veterinarian.