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Eco Cane Lemongrass Clumping Cat Litter 3.28kg [BUNDLE OF 4 Bags]

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Eco Cane Lemongrass Scented Cat Litter 3.28kg is made from the by-product of yuca and sugarcane fiber. It is free from any chemicals, perfumes, dyes and other harmful synthetics, while delivering a proven naturally superior performance you and your cat can rely on.

The 99.99% dust-free pellets are soft on kitty paws and help reduce undesirable tracking.

This light-weight litter comprises of 100% renewable ingredients and pellets are formulated to be 8x more absorbent.

  1. For best results, always keep a minimum height of 5-6 centimetres of product in the litter box.
  2. Scoop all clumps and solid waste daily and dispose it in the trash.
  3. Add more Eco Cane Cat Litter to replace what you have scooped out and maintain a height of 5-6 centimetres.

This 3.28kg should last up to**:

90 days for 1 cat

45 days for 2 cats

22 days for 3 cats

**Considering an adult cat with an average weight of 5kg and an average daily urine output between 20-25ml per kilo