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Everydent Beginner Tooth Brush Small

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The ABS & Silicone rubber is made by JoyPet Everydent Beginner Toothbrush. It is a soft brush made of silicone to avoid any damage caused to the teeth and gum of your pet. There is a finger stall that protects the finger from the teeth of your pet and a gripped end that stops it from slipping off and helps to brush gently. The tapered off end on the brush makes it perfect for smaller mouthed animals. Suitable for dogs as well as cats.

Small: Suitable for toy to smaller dogs and cats 

Regular: Suitable for medium to large dogs and cats


  • Soft brush made of silicone 
  • Fingerstall protects your finger from pet’s teeth 
  • Grip end prevents it from falling off and helps a gentle brushing 
  • Tapered off end suitable for pets with smaller mouth
  • Heat resistant: 80℃