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Exo Terra Aztec Eagle Knight Warrior Hideout


Exo Terra's Aztec Range creates a mystical ancient Precolumbian atmosphere inside your terrarium. The Aztec terrarium and decoration are inspired by the astonishing art and impressive relics that were left behind by pre-Columbian cultures. Revive and admire the magnificence of this lost civilization by decorating your terrarium with one of the functional Exo Terra Aztec decoration items.

The Exo Terra Aztec Eagle Knight Warrior hide fits the ancient Mesoamerican Aztec theme. The Aztec Eagle Knights were an elite military order, comprised of the most accomplished and noble soldiers, fearless, brave, and daring like their Eagle counterpart.

  • Secure hiding place
  • Natural
  • Support thermo-regulation and hydration
  • Mesoamerican Aztec theme
  • Inspired by pre-Columbian cultures

Product dimension: L11.5 x W14 x H21cm