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Forcans Aloe Shampoo 550ml


Due to the action s taken softly to the skin and hair by natural aloe, allantoin and panthenol. It provides moisture and nourishments with the delicate skin or dried indumentums thereby ait adds glossy and vigorousness. The product being soft and mild, it protect from an inpetus for the pet dog being bathed and also for the user.


Attention: Require to take necessary precautions if it's under the medical treatment for various diseases, or if skin abnormalities occur, such as occurrence of red spots, swells and itching, etic, while using the shampoo, for those having a weak constitution or under the medication. For using on a five month old baby, the old-aged or for the one which has just delivered babies, please consulta veterinarian and follow his or her instruction. Be careful not to get it in their eyes, but if it has contacted with the eyes, rinse it out with clean water thoroughly. While you are trying to dry it out, avoid blowing it to one spot collectively (It can be a cause for a xeransis or a burn). Closing the cap tightly and keeping it straight, store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep it in a place out of reach of animals or children.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium PEG-7 Olive Oil Carboxylate, Glycerin, Bis(C13 ~ C15 Alkoxy) PG Amodimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Aloe vera gel, DL-Panthenol.
Usage Guidelines:
Before starting shampoo, loosen the tangled hair, and then wet the hair with lukewarm water thoroughly and apply an adequate amount of the shampoo of this product over the hair and rub the hair live giving massage on it so that bubbles are created. Once you have shampooed the hair, rinse it with warm water thoroughly and if you don't wash it sufficiently it may cause for a skin disease.