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Forcans Baby Powder Aloe Perfume & Conditioner 300ml

Forcans opens a new era of health. Floral aloe perfume and conditioner.
  • Protects the coat of your pet from tangling and static electricity and make you easy to comb your pet's coat.
  • Permeates the natural nutriment of aloe vera as an ingredient into the coat of your pet.
  • Shiny Hair
  • To use as perfume 

    100% MADE IN KOREA

    Disodium EDTA, polyquaternum-10, Aloe vera gel, dimethicone copolyol, polysorbate -20, Allantoin, hydrolyzed collage PG-propyl methylanediol
    Usage Guidelines:
    Spray the aloe perfume conditioner on the fur and brush the fur evenly. Please avoid spraying on the face