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Fuzzyard Dog Collar - Marine (3 Sizes)

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FuzzYard Dog Collar is made of light & quick-drying neoprene with thick cushioned webbing, reducing abrasion & skin irritation for your dog and making it comfortable for him to wear daily! 

The die-cast attachment ring equipped to the FuzzYard Dog Collar allows you to easily attach your dog’s leash and identification tag, making it useful if your dog ever gets lost. 

FuzzYard Dog Collar is available in 8 exciting colours and 3 sizes for you to choose from — get a FuzzYard Dog Leash in the same colour for a complete, trendy look!

Awash in a neutral and everyday deep blue colour, FuzzYard Dog Collar (Marine) is an excellent addition to your dog’s wardrobe.

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Product Material
Collar: Neoprene with nylon webbing.
Attachment Ring: Stainless steel.
Buckle: Plastic.

Sizes Available 
S, M &  L.

Product Dimensions
Small: Length 25-38cm, Width 15mm.
Medium: Length 32-50cm, Width 20mm.
Large: Length 50-65cm, Width 25mm.

Care Instructions
It is recommended to hand-wash your Fuzzyard Dog Collar.