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Marukan Clean Food Mix Formulated for Dwarf Hamster 280g


Marukan clean food mix formulated with fermented soybean isoflavone for a dwarf hamster is a comprehensive, balanced nutritional diet that supports the daily health of hamsters by keeping them "beautiful from the inside out. Ten kinds of vegetables and fruits are added to clean food. A luxurious hood that allows enjoying a variety of materials. Ten carefully selected ingredients: carrots, cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli leaves, radish leaves, corn, apples, goji berries, barley, and oats.

●Contains fermented soybean isoflavones = antioxidant + anti-glycation
●Additive-free = no preservatives, colorings, or sugar
● ten carefully selected ingredients 

Ingredients: Pellets ( wheat flour, hominy feed, corn gluten feed, fermented grain extract, yeast extract ( nucleotides, lactic acid bacteria, etc.), (barley, oat corn, vegetables (carrot, cabbage, broccoli leaves, radish leaves, red cabbage), fruits (apples, goji berries), sugars (glucose), fermented soybean extract.

Product analysis (per 100g): Crude protein: 11.3% or more, crude fat: 2.7% or more, Crude fiber: 7.0% or less, Crude ash: 5.8% below, Moisture: 12.4% or less, Calories: about 338kcal,

Target animal: Dwarf hamster

Made in Japan