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Marukan Cool Feeling Aluminium Gel Mat for Dog (3 Sizes)

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Energy-saving cool products that do not use electricity For measures against the heat of pets -Aluminum and polymer gel (with urethane) is a cool mat that dogs like "cool and soft". Repeat heat absorption and heat dissipation to keep the cool effect. It's even cooler if you cool it in the refrigerator! Recommended for measures against summer heat. Can be set as it is on a pet bed. There are individual differences in the coldness you feel, and it will also change depending on the environment in where you are.

  • Suitable for dogs
  • Durable
  • Cooling effect
  • Comfy
  • Helps to prevent heat rash

Standard: Body: Nylon / Polyethylene / Aluminum
Contents: Highly absorbent polym
er / CMC / Water / Preservative / Urethane foam 

L: Product Dimension: 50x40x1cm

XL: Product Dimension: Approx. W65xD50xH1cm

XXL: Product Dimension: 90x50x1cm