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Marukan Green Vegetable Stick for Rabbits 50g


Marukan green vegetable stick is a stick-type biscuit that is easy to give directly by hand. Komatsuna contains calcium, carotene, and vitamin C. Protect the health of pet fur and skin off in carotene plus vitamin C. Oleic acid is said to have worked only to reduce bad cholesterol (sunflower oil) has been formulated. Lactoferrin has been compounding the work and is said to have antibacterial and sterilization to prevent viral infection. Champignon extract has been formulated to reduce the smell of urine.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, whole milk powder, Japanese mustard spinach powder, egg, fermented cereal extract, leavening agent, minerals ( calcium acid, sodium chloride), flavoring(cheese flavor), emulsifier, antioxidant (vitamin E), coloring agent (chlorophyll) Preservative (sodium dehydroacetate)

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein 6.5% or more, Crude fats 8.2% or more, Crude fiber less than 3.3%, Crude ash content: 4.0% or less, Moisture: 9.6% or less, Energy: about 398kcal.