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Marukan Hay Puree Vitamin C for Rabbits 6g x6


Marukan hay puree Vitamin C is a puree-type snack that uses timothy as the main ingredient. You can give while communicating. Supply nutrients that tend to be deficient. Vitamin C helps maintain the health of the skin and immune function. It is also a perfect snack for guinea pigs who cannot make vitamin C in their bodies. This is a new puree-type snack you can choose from the way you want, be fed directly or eaten in a food bowl—no preservatives or synthetic colourings.

Ingredients: timothy, apple. glucose, cornstarch, vegetable oil, vitamin C,  thickening stabilizer (carrageenan), emulsifier, and antioxidant (vitamin E).

Product analysis: Crude protein 0.1% or more, Crude fats 0.5% or more, Crude fiber 3.0% or less, Crude ash 2.0% or less, Moisture content 80% or less, Energy approx 79 kcal, one stick approx 4.7 kcal.

Capacity: 36g (6g x 6)

Suitable animals: Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas.

*Keep Refrigerated after opening*