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Marukan Mixed Food for Dwarf Hamster 180g


Marukan mixed food for a dwarf hamster is a well-balanced nutritious food blend of small sunflowers seeds and vegetables in high-quality blended pellets. Natural food is suitable for replenishing protein, vitamins, and minerals that tend to be deficient. Deliciously replenish the nutrients from a variety of colorful ingredients. The fermented grain extract increases the good bacteria in the hamster and reduces fecal odor. Suitable for staple food for small hamsters such as dwarf hamsters.

Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, Milo, Locust beans, Wheat, Corn, Puffed rice, Carrots, Potato, Niboshi, Fermented grain extract.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein 9.9% or more, Crude fats 13.6% or more, Crude fiber less than 21.6%, Crude ash content: 3.7% or less, Moisture: 11.6% or less, Energy: about 366kcal.