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Marukan Mixes Food with Fruits for Small Animals 500g


Marukan mixes food containing vegetables, fruits, and grains that hamsters love it. It is a natural food suitable for supplementing vitamins, minerals, and calcium that tend to be deficient. Please give it as a staple food every day. Contains essential nutrients for the proper development and growth of your small pets.

  • Vitamins & minerals
  • High fiber
  • Different variety

Ingredients: (Alfalfa, wheat bran, palm kernel bran, etc.) red dali seeds, cabbage, sunflower seeds, corn, flakes, foam pellets (corn, green peas, carrots), wheat, oats, safflower, raisins, carrots, peanuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, apricots, bananas, almonds, fermented grain extracts. 

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein 12.3% or more, Crude fats 7.7% or more, Crude fiber  less than 12%, Crude ash content: 5.0% or less, Moisture: 10.9% or less, Energy: about 335kcal.