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Marukan Music Box Pillow For Dogs - Bone Shape


A soft, furry, bone shaped pillow for your favorite furkid. When pressed, a jingle is sounded which attracts the attention of your furkid!

  • Sound, when pressed
  • Fun to play
  • Bonding session
  • Soft & Fluffy

Dimension: approx. W30×D15×H6cm

How to use / take care:

Use a soft brush to gently clean the toy of any possible pet fur, dust or dirt. If the toy is dirty or stained, using a gentle cleaning detergent, wipe the toy clean with a cloth. In order to prevent rusting of the sound mechanism, avoid washing the toy with water. This is NOT a chew toy, so if your furkid is teething or has a habit of biting and chewing, please avoid giving them the pillow!