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Marukan Peanut Flavoured with Chicken Puree for Hamsters 30g (5g x 6)


This is a peanut-flavored puree snack that you can choose to feed your small animals in your favorite way, give it from your hand, or eaten in a food bowl. No preservatives or synthetic colorings. Contains α-linolenic acid to support healthy and clean skin.

  • Healthy
  • Beautiful fur coat
  • Easy to feed
  • Tasty
  • High nutrients

Ingredients: chicken, hydrolyzate sugar (oligosaccharides), vegetable oil & fats, linolenic acid, minerals (sodium chloride), thickening viscosity stabilizers(modified starch thickening polysaccharides), fragrances nuts flavor, antioxidant ( vitamin E, red b-carotene colorant)

Product analysis (per 100g): Crude protein 7.0% & above, fats 0.2% & above, fiber 0.5% & below, ash content 3.5% & below, moisture 90.0% & below, calories approx.41 kcal , one stick approx. 2kcal

Capacity: 30g (5g x 6)

Suitable animals: Small animals such as hamsters, hedgehogs, sugar glider.

*Keep refrigerated it after opening*

Barcode:  4906456567561

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