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Marukan Rabbit Ear Spot Cleaning Lotion


A rabbit's ears are an important organ that not only functions as a sound collector to detect danger but also has the function of regulating body temperature. "Ear Spot" can gently care for rabbits' delicate ears. (A care product that allows you to easily clean the ears in 3 steps・STEP1 Put "Ear Spot" lotion in the ear hole! Pour 3 to 8 drops into your ears.・STEP2 Gently massage! Gently massage from the entrance of the ear to the jawbone.・STEP3 Wipe off the dirt that has risen! If dirt floats to the entrance of the ear, gently wipe it off with cotton or a towel)

  • Clean n Fresh
  • Moisture
  • Get rid dirt n bacteria

Weight: 60ml (85g)

Packaging Size: 06 x 3.5 x 13 cm