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Marukan Steak Cubes for Small Animals 60g


Marukan steak cubes was cut into a size that was easy to eat with a rich marbled beef-style snack. Animal protein for omnivorous hamsters. Made from great tasting and natural ingredients. 



Saccharides, fats and oils, milk (skim milk etc.), thickening stabilizer (glycerin), quality preservative (propylene glycol), cereals (flour and noodles), starch, meat Preservatives (potassium sorbate), colorants (titanium dioxide, red 40, yellow 4, green 3), fragrance, antioxidant (mixed tocopherol, rosemary extract)
Per 100 g Crude protein: 2.4% or more, crude fat: 1.0% or more, crude fiber: 1.1% or less, crude ash content: 1.8% or less, moisture: 47.0% or less Calories About 220 kcal / 100 g