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Marukan Superfood Jelly Mix for Dogs 16g x 9pc


Marukan superfood jelly mix is a healthy snack formulated with ingredients of 3 types, each with its characteristic superfoods, manuka honey, acai, and goji berry.

Manuka Honey: Contains the natural antibacterial ingredient MGO (methylglyoxal), which regulates intestinal flora and supports the maintenance of stomach health.

Acai Berries: Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, it protects healthy and beautiful skin and coat.

Goji Berries: Contains a wide range of nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins that help keep your immune system strong by keeping you healthy.

Ingredients: Manuka honey, Acai berries, goji berry, at least 2 each

Product analysis: (per 100g), Crude Protein: 0.0% or more, crude fat: 0.00% or more, Crude fiber: 0%, Crude ash: 0.6% below, Moisture: 93.4% or less, Calories: about 53kcal,

Quantity: 16g x 9 pieces

Target animals: All dog breeds