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Nurture Pro Longevity Chicken And Skipjack Tuna White Meat with Pineapple 80g X24


Nurture Pro Longevity Grain Free Canned Cat Food uses an interesting range of beneficial plant-based ingredients like catnip, cranberries, ginger and pineapple!
An all-natural diet that is free of by-products and fillers like grains, wheat, corn and soy, Nurture Pro Longevity Canned Cat Food only uses whole meat as the sole protein source. Nurture Pro Longevity's first two ingredients are juicy cuts of chicken & skipjack tuna meat in all six of their flavours! Pineapple is abundant in essential vitamins & minerals like copper, folate, manganese & Vitamin B6, as well as soluble fibre which helps regulate the digestive system & relieve constipation.


  • Grain free canned cat food
  • Chicken & skipjack tuna as the first two ingredients
  • Fortified with taurine, lysine & green tea essence
  • No carrageenan, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours