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Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food (2 Sizes)

The 'T' in the product name stands for Timothy grass, which is a supplement with fiber that promotes the correct digestion. This is the best food that you could possibly be feeding your bunny with the nutrients that they need. This is a pellet for rabbits based upon Timothy Hay which gives them just the right amount of fiber and then combines that with soy products to add in protein and healthy fats along with wheat to feed them the ideal carbohydrates and give your rabbit the energy that he or she needs.

Oxbow Bunny Basics – T – is specifically created to meet the nutritional needs of adult bunnies and you'll be amazed how much they'll love it. Customers around the world praise Oxbow's bunny basics as the healthiest and most effective food that they have ever fed their rabbits and even Veterinarian have lauded Bunny Basics for giving rabbits the right combination of vitamins and minerals as well as other supplements.