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Pawise Cat Litter Mat

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The advantages of using the Pawise Paw Cleaning Cat Litter Mat are appreciated by cat owners. This Litter Mat is intended to clear litter that has been trapped in your cat's paws. Angled louvres stretch over the mat, capturing and concealing debris as cats step over it. For a tidy and appealing alternative to cat litter mess, place this cat litter pad outside the litter box.


Key Benefits

  • Non-slip material
  • Flexible and easy to clean
  • Reduces the amount of litter tracked in the house
  • Remove dirt that’s stuck from your kitty's paws to keep their paws clean
  • Cute design blends in with every furniture, allowing your cat to exit the litter box in style


Size : 

41cm x 33cm x 0.8cm